Arriving in Indonesia

We are here to assist you in making your time in Indonesia amazing.

Here are some tips we believe are important for you to know.


Countries that do not require visa on arrival and receive a passport stamp valid for a 30 day stay.


The countries listed below are required to apply for their visa at the Indonesia Embassy in their country and must arrive in Indonesia with a valid Indonesia Visa in their passports.

All other countries require a VOA (Visa on Arrival), which can be obtained upon arrival at Denpasar Airport. If you require VOA, proceed to the VOA desk to purchase your visa.

  • Proceed from your gate to clear Indonesian Immigration
  • Collect your luggage – There are luggage handlers in the baggage hall offering to help you, this is an optional service. They bring you through to the receiving hall and expect to be tipped for providing this service.
  • As you enter the customs hall you must put your luggage through an X-ray machine then proceed to the customs officer at the desk in front of you
  • Clear Indonesian customs
  • Please note: you are allowed 200 cigarettes and 1 liter of alcohol per adult entering Indonesia.
  • As you exit the customs hall you will walk through the Duty Free area and out into the receiving hall.
  • If you have reserved LUXE Private Car Service, the receiving hall is where you will meet your chauffeur. He will be holding up the sign we emailed to you in your LUXE Car reservation confirmation.


We suggest you purchase travel insurance for your trip that covers your Airline & Hotel costs should you have to cancel for unforeseen reasons.



  • ATM’s in Indonesia have a daily cash limit. The maximum you can receive is 3,000,000 IDR daily but often it is only 1,500,000 -2,000,000 maximum.
  • We advise bringing USD, AUD or EURO with you to supplement what you take out of an ATM.
  • Please note new unmarked bills are required.
  • Bills of larger denomination receive a better exchange rate.
  • It is best exchange money in Indonesia at a creditable money exchanger.
  • Card skimming is rife in Indonesia so we recommend you only use ATMs at the airport or next to an actual bank with a security guard outside.


  • Many restaurants & businesses do not take credit cards
  • It is common to be charged 3-5% extra for using a credit card (At LUXE we do not charge a credit card fee)
  • We suggest you notify your bank and credit card companies of your trip, providing them with your travel schedule including dates and countries you will visit. This will greatly help with your credit card / debit card processing in foreign countries


  • All hotels have a 10% service charge that is mandatory by Indonesian Hospitality law.
  • All restaurants charge 5-10% service on your bill.
  • Additional tipping is up to your discretion and personal tipping practices.


  • All of Indonesia is 220 – 240 v.
  • All electrical outlets are two prong round.
  • All suites & villas have international plug types.
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