Our Story

Six years ago, after many years in the fashion business, we decided it was time for a change and retired from our last posts in Hong Kong. A year later we started traveling, and found ourselves drawn back to the beautiful and magical land of Bali, where we had been on vacation the year before. We decided to rent a villa in Ubud for seven months, with the intention of moving to Europe after that.

During this time we had many friends and family members come to stay with us, and we watched with fascination as their stresses and cares evaporated after just a few days, giving way to peace, serenity and a gentle smile. Everyone who visited fell in love with the Balinese people, culture, way of life, and the breathtaking landscapes. On leaving many of them turned to us and thanked us for introducing them to paradise. This was the turning point, and we decided then to make our dreams of one day owning a elegant boutique hotel, a reality.

After thirty-five years of traveling the world for business and for pleasure, we’ve stayed in many hotels, including some of the best in the world. But we were always drawn back to the smaller boutique hotels were service is paramount, and the sense of where exactly you are in the world pervasive. These hotels are a home away from home, and after so many years of on the road we believe we have a good understanding of what people, like ourselves, are looking for in them.

We began searching for a site, and quickly found what we were looking for – a green zone, surrounded by rice paddies, lush tropical jungle and with views of Bali’s volcanoes in the distance. A prime location, only a fifteen minute walk or three minute scooter ride to the center of Ubud.

In September 2011 we began construction on Luxe Villas. Skilled workers, and local craftsmen honing their talents, were busy on the property for four and half years. Our focus was on the highest quality engineering, design, materials while remaining committed to reducing our ecological foot print. We paid attention to every single detail in the design process. Together, we created our vision of a modern oasis that perfectly balances elegance, style and a sense of home for our guests.

The gates to LUXE Villas Bali and our in-house fine dining restaurant, Luxe Barbecue and Grill, opened in June 2015 and we began to welcome guests from around the world.

Today, six years later, we walk into our restaurant to the sounds of laughter, jazz music and the rattle of a cocktail shaker. We speak to our guests, sharing stories and chatting their Bali experiences. As we go home we pass the lobby where our concierge is organizing for a hotel guest to be brought home, past the pool where two other guests are sharing a late night cocktail & swim under a clear, star-heavy sky, to the sound of nature’s own orchestra. It is night’s like this that we realize that through our drive and determination, through many ups and just as many downs, we have together created our dream of a little oasis, a slice of heaven. Our guests from around the world arrive with high expectations, that match the devotion we have to create wonderful memories for all our guests.

Today we say “thank you” to our family, friends, the Balinese community, LUXE guests and our LUXE family for all their support, encouragement, love, care, guidance and inspiration. We hope our journey can inspire others to turn their dreams into a reality.


Grace & Paul


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